Ruth Akiko Halloran

I’m leaving on a jet plane!



Please help entertain me by requesting things for me to draw!

I really like:
Harry Potter
The Hobbit (from da book idk how to draw whosshisname)
 Interesting faces aka send me ur selfies

Other than that

 I do better with prompts
 References plzzz
 I’m REALLY OUT OF TOUCH I only very recently watched Evangellion so feel free to request stuff from your swimming anime but I probably won’t know what you’re talking about lmao
 No porn I can’t draw porn on a plane I’m shy
 I have zero guarantees that I will actually do your request it depends on a) how engrossing my books are b) how interesting your prompt is to me and c) the amount of time between when we take off and when I conk out

If you’re into that please send me an ask I’m hitting the airport up at 11am tomorrow morning so you’ve got til then gratz guys you’re lifesavers

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